Muslims’ representation goes up in statesஅச்சிடுக
14 மே 2011 மாலை 02:05
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voter%202.jpg Barring Tamil Nadu, the Muslims’ representation in the three assemblies of West Bengal, Assam and Kerala has improved considerably but not to their proportionate of population.

However the interesting development of the recent assembly polls was the grand successes of Muslim-led parties in the Kerala and Assam.

For the first time a record of 32 Muslim candidates was elected for the Assam assembly polls result of which were declared on Friday. In the dissolved House, there were only 25 Muslim MLAs.  In the latest result 18 Muslims made to the state assembly on the ticket of  AIUDF while 10 got on Congress ticket and remaining as independent and on AGP ticket.

Maulana Badaruddin Ajmal’s All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) with 18 seats has emerged as the second largest party in Assam decimating the combine of AGP-BJP.

Belying all doomsday predictions, the ruling Congress party has secured an absolute majority in Assam, winning 78 seats in the 126-member legislature. The Opposition Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) were wiped out with only AGP just managing to touch the double-digit mark.

AIUDF, which lost some seats with a whisker, has nearly doubled its tally from 10 to 18 and will be main opposition party in the state. Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi left no stone unturned to weaken the AIUDF but he failed miserably. Though AIUDF did not emerge as the kingmaker as predicted by the pollsters before the counting while also predicting a hung assembly in Assam but its performance surprised everybody.

Now it all set to get the position of principal opposition party in the state assembly. It is only the second elections for the party led by MP Badruddin Ajmal Qasmi snatching the place of the second largest party that was earlier held by the BJP/AGP combine.

The Indian Union Muslim League led by Union minister of state for External Affairs E Ahmed is another Muslim outfit which emerged as a real winner in the poll by winning 20 out of the 24 seats it contested.

League is a constituent of the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) in Kerala. The UDF has come back to power, winning 72 seats in the 140-member Kerala assembly, compared to 68 seats for the ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF). The IUML is the second biggest constituent of the alliance, after the Congress which won 38 seats of the 82 it contested.

IUML's P. Ubaidullah, who contested the Malappuram constituency, won with the highest margin of 44,508 votes and the second biggest winner was controversial former industries minister P.K. Kunhalikutty who won the Vengara seat by a margin of 38,237 votes.

Like Assam, this western coastal state has also elected Muslim candidates in record number. Muslim representation in the state assembly has gone up from 25 to 36. In the previous assembly, IUML had just seven members, now it has more than doubled its tally in the new House.

However, in the neighbouring Tamil Nadu, Muslim representation has come down from seven to six only. Muslims constitute around six per cent of the state population but the decimation of the DMK has hit hard to their prospects.

The only notable victory for the community is that TMMK chief Prof MH Jawahirullah who has won the Ramanathapuram assembly seat by defeating Congress candidate who was in alliance with the AIDMK.

In west Bengal, where the Left Front was routed for the first time after long 34 years in the wave of Mamta Banerjee, Muslim shave increased their tally from 44 to 54 in the new elected House. Most of the Muslims were elected on the Mamta’s Trinomool Congress tickets which owed her splendid victory due to en-mass support of the Muslim votes.  

We will give the names of all the winning Muslim candidates and constituencies soon.

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